Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hmm... growing AND shrinking

Not a lot of time to post, so I'll just get right to it.

STATS for April 29, 2010:
Bevin weighs 173.7 lbs. (DOWN 1.6 lbs. from last week!)

My measurements:
Neck: 13.75" (DOWN 0.25" from last time)
Bust: 41.5" (DOWN 0.25" from last time)
Waist: 39.75" (UP 1.25" from last time)
Hips 41.25" (DOWN 0.5" from last time)

Weird, huh?  I lost weight, and lost fractions of inches everywhere but my waist, where I actually went up by quite a bit!  The only thing I can imagine is that maybe the measurement is off because I just finished supper?

Anyway, Bailey and I have been doing a paper route everyday, but it doesn't have as much walking as I thought it would.  Today I finally got off my butt and started doing Wii Fit again.  My body loves movement, but for some reason I resist it.  Maybe it's a throwback to elementary school gym class where I learned that my body sucks and I suck, too? 

Anyway, I hope this movement helps me feel better.  I live with a constant level of stiffness in my joints that I've come to accept as normal.  Doctors can't find anything wrong with me, and I felt like this when I was stick thin, too, so I think it's just how I am.  I have a relative who has the same symptoms, only worse.

Well, enough disjointed random blogging.  Time to get back to my baby.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay, okay.. I'm back.

Things are changing big-time, and I haven't been able to wrap my head around that, so exercising and keeping track of my progress has not been a priority.

I was really dreading weighing myself today because I was worried I'd weigh a LOT more than I did before, but it wasn't as bad as I feared.  It's not great either, but that's okay.

STATS for April 18, 2010:
Bevin weighs 175.3 lbs. (UP 4 lbs from March 7.  But still down from January 1st's high of 189 lbs.)

My measurements:
Neck: 14" (no change)
Bust: 41.75" (up 0.75" from March 7)
Waist: 38.5" (up 0.5" from March 7... that's it!  Yay!)
Hips: 41.75" (up 1.25" from March 7... ah, so that's where it's hiding.)

You may have noticed that Steve has not been mentioned yet.  Not to worry, things are fine in our relationship, but he IS gone.  He moved to Edmonton last week to start a new job that pays a lot more, and we will all be following as soon as possible.  I'm not too thrilled about moving to the land of wintertime, but it will be nice to live in a bigger city with more things to do.  In the meantime I am holding down the fort with the kids, packing our things, and missing Steve terribly.  :(

Well, that's it for this update.  Sorry it's short!