Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Update: Meh.

Okay, I've been dealing with a cling-on baby ever since he got sick and I can't seem to get any workouts in.  Hell, I can't even put him in the grocery cart for more than 10 minutes at a time these days.

Anyway, this is such a tiny blip in his life that I'm not going to complain about it anymore.  The day will come too soon that he doesn't want to be held anymore.

STATS for February 28, 2010:
Bevin weighs 172.6 lbs. (UP 2.4 from last week.)

Steve weighs 184.5 lbs. (down 0.5 from last week)

My measurements:
Neck: 14" (no change)
Bust: 41.5" (up 0.5" from last week -- but remember I'm breastfeeding so this measurement is not likely to ever be accurate.)
Waist: 38.75" (UP 0.75" since last week. Eek!)
Hips: 41" (UP 0.25" since last week. Eek! Eek!)

Like the new hair?  I'm super happy with it.  :D  Also, this appears to be my standard Sunday shirt, lol.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday update: We got sick again. :(

That was the worst Valentine's Day EVER.  Okay, the whole day wasn't bad, but since the highlight was getting puked on by Ocean, I'm calling the whole day a loss.

Yep, poor Ocean got sick for the first time on V-Day.  It was gastroenteritis, and he was up barfing almost all night and into the next day.  And the next day Steve caught it!  And the day after that, Bailey and I caught it!

Anyway, we're better now.  I'm feeling the same aversion to food that I did in January, but that's fine with me.

STATS for February 21, 2010:
Bevin weighs 170.2 lbs (down 5.7 lbs!  Earlier in the week I was actually down to 168.9 for a couple days.)
Steve weighs 185.0 lbs (down 3.1 lbs!  Earlier in the week he was a bit lighter, too.)

My measurements:
Neck  14" (no change)
Bust    41" (down 1")
Waist  38" (down 1")
Hips 40.75" (down 1")

Holy cow, my shirt is way looser than it was a month ago.  Yay!

And look at Steve's tummy... wait, where is it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday update: Not melting so very much anymore...

Happy Valentine's day!
Okay, I fell off the wagon.  Special Lady Time will do that to you, (thanks Shelley for the awesome terminology.  I've totally stolen it.)  but did you know that Lindt makes chocolate with fleur de sel?  I love a touch of salt when I have sweets and this was soooo good.  How could I resist?

Steve is doing well, though, so yay for him!

STATS: for February 14, 2010:
Bevin weighs 175.9 lbs. (UP 2 lbs from last week!!!  Ouch!)
Steve weighs 188.1 lbs. (Down 0.8 lbs from last week.)

My measurements:
Neck:   14"      (no change)
Bust:     40"      (down 1.75" from last week)
Waist:   39"      (down 0.5"from last week)
Hips: 41.75" (no change)


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Okay, we're not a LOT smaller, but we're not doing too badly considering we both fell of the exercise wagon for a few days this week.  We moved our living room furniture around last weekend and hurt our muscles.


STATS for February 7, 2010:
Bevin weighs 173.9 lbs. (down 2.9 lbs from last week)
Steve weighs 188.9 lbs. (down 2.5 lbs. from last week)

My measurements:
Neck:  14"       (no change)
Bust:    41.75"  (down 0.5" from last week)
Waist:  39.5"    (UP 0.25" from last week.  Eek!)
Hips:    41.75"  (down 0.5" from last week.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Update: We're switching to Sundays!

Steve now has two jobs, and it looks like Fridays might be prohibitively busy, so I am going to switch the big weekly update to Sundays, which is the day I have to write O4L reports anyway.  (I write these reports--I think O4L stands for Opportunities for Learning?--for Bailey's "school."  Then I post the gist of the reports over at my other blog, So... What Do You DO All Day?  Which reminds me, I need to post last Sunday's report!)

Anyway, no report today.  See you Sunday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can't type. Baby too busy!

I've been mostly offline for a few days now.  Ocean is pulling up on furniture now, so Steve and I decided to move the living room around to give him more room to play, and less opportunity to get into things he shouldn't be getting into.

What a job!  But the results are fantastic.  I had no idea our living room could seem so big, and we didn't even have to get rid of any furniture.

As for weight loss, I was gaining weight for a couple days there, and feeling kind of discouraged.  I had been working out everday (doing Turbo Jam and Wii Fit), and I'm still not eating very much, so I couldn't understand where the weight was coming from.  Then finally I lost a couple pounds all at once.  Yay!  Since then it has been a steady decline.

I've been off the exercise wagon for a couple days though.  I hurt my body moving all of our ridiculously heavy furniture.

Anyway, I'm back online now.  That is all.  :P