Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday update: We got sick again. :(

That was the worst Valentine's Day EVER.  Okay, the whole day wasn't bad, but since the highlight was getting puked on by Ocean, I'm calling the whole day a loss.

Yep, poor Ocean got sick for the first time on V-Day.  It was gastroenteritis, and he was up barfing almost all night and into the next day.  And the next day Steve caught it!  And the day after that, Bailey and I caught it!

Anyway, we're better now.  I'm feeling the same aversion to food that I did in January, but that's fine with me.

STATS for February 21, 2010:
Bevin weighs 170.2 lbs (down 5.7 lbs!  Earlier in the week I was actually down to 168.9 for a couple days.)
Steve weighs 185.0 lbs (down 3.1 lbs!  Earlier in the week he was a bit lighter, too.)

My measurements:
Neck  14" (no change)
Bust    41" (down 1")
Waist  38" (down 1")
Hips 40.75" (down 1")

Holy cow, my shirt is way looser than it was a month ago.  Yay!

And look at Steve's tummy... wait, where is it?

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