Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can't type. Baby too busy!

I've been mostly offline for a few days now.  Ocean is pulling up on furniture now, so Steve and I decided to move the living room around to give him more room to play, and less opportunity to get into things he shouldn't be getting into.

What a job!  But the results are fantastic.  I had no idea our living room could seem so big, and we didn't even have to get rid of any furniture.

As for weight loss, I was gaining weight for a couple days there, and feeling kind of discouraged.  I had been working out everday (doing Turbo Jam and Wii Fit), and I'm still not eating very much, so I couldn't understand where the weight was coming from.  Then finally I lost a couple pounds all at once.  Yay!  Since then it has been a steady decline.

I've been off the exercise wagon for a couple days though.  I hurt my body moving all of our ridiculously heavy furniture.

Anyway, I'm back online now.  That is all.  :P

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