Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday update: Clothes are fitting better, or... worse. But looser!

I am finally on the mend!  A couple days ago I had a homemade hamburger and some apple pie à la mode.  Then yesterday I had it again (leftovers).  That's two days in a row with no, uh, issues.  Yay!  That bit of celebratory eating made me gain a little bit of weight from my low of 175-ish (that was earlier in the week) but whatever.  I still lost nearly a pound since last Friday.

Steve and I have both noticed that our clothes are looser.  But the best news for me is that I have lost 1.75" on my waist this week!  (Yeah, I know I said I woudn't count quarter inches... screw that!)  And the best news for Steve is that he has lost 3 lbs. this week!  We can see the weight loss in each other, too.

You know what''s really weird?  I'm enjoying exercise.  I am someone who has not been in shape since I was 9 or 10 years old.  I was super skinny til I was 22, but I was a skinny fat person.  But every day now I look forward to getting at least a little bit of a workout.  Some days (because of having a baby who needs me 24/7) I only get 15 minutes in, but other days I get nearly an hour.

Anyway, on to the weekly statistics. . .

STATS for January 29, 2010:
Bevin weighs 176.8 lbs. (down 0.9 lbs. from last week.)
Steve weighs 191.4 lbs. (down 3 lbs. from last week!!!)

My measurements:
Neck: 14" (down 0.5" from last week)
Bust: 42.25" (down 0.75" from last week)
Waist: 39.25" (down (1.75" from last week!)
Hips: 42.25" (no change)

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