Friday, January 15, 2010

Sick or stressed?

Okay, every week I struggle with formatting the postition of these $%#ing pictures so this week here they are, right off the bat!  Also, I'm wearing the same shirt as last Friday, lol!  Now for the text...

We've slacked off on taking a picture every day since we got sick.  However, there are already enough pictures of me in pajamas this year... I don't need to add any pictures of a sick me in PJs to the mix!

Since January 1st I have lost 9 lbs! 7 lbs of this is because I have been sick since Sunday.

...But I wonder. Am I really sick, or have I just lost my appetite due to stress? Our finances are hurting really badly right now. Steve lost an entire day per week off his paycheque (we expected this after xmas, but didn't think it would be quite this soon). Considering we were barely squeaking by before we are very worried.

Steve thinks I should go back to work early, and he is also trying to get a second job to bring his total weekly hours up to 40. I was heartbroken at the possibility of going back to work in April, and was trying to think of any way to avoid that. The possibility of leaving my 7 month-old infant and returning to work now has me paralyzed with grief. And what about my Bailey-girl? How would I ever find a daycare provider for the two of them who would understand our family's principles?  Please send positive thoughts our way.  I really want to avoid having to go to work for pay.  :(  I already have the most important job in the world.

So anyway, I'm having trouble eating. And that's the only symptom I have. It doesn't seem like food poisoning or a stomach bug to me.

STATS for January 15, 2010:
Bevin weighs 180.6 lbs. (down 6 lbs since last week!)
Steve weighs 197 lbs.  (down 5 lbs since last week!)

And my measurements:

Neck: 14.5"   no change
Bust: 43.5"    down 1"
Waist: 41.5"  down almost 1"
Hips: 42.5"    down almost 1"

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  1. Sorry to hear of your stress and financial troubles. It can be hard to stay on track when stressed. Good for you guys and keeping up with your goals. Everything will work out in the end if you can stay positive. I feel for you, I am so fortunate that Nathan and I live with my father. So even when money is tight, which is damn near always. I know that we will never go hungry and if we can't pay the rent, well then we will just make it up to him later. Brave of you to keep up with measurments. I'm a chicken, I measured myself once on the 7th of Jan and I refuse to do it again until at least the 21st. I am afraid that I will not see results and be discouraged. I do keep a daily tab on my weight with my trusty wii fit though. Have you thought of baby sitting for extra money. I have given this thought on many occasions and perhaps I will follow through one day. My kids tend to have free reign over things like television and video games though and most parents are like, NO NO NO! lol.. Take Care.