Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hmm... growing AND shrinking

Not a lot of time to post, so I'll just get right to it.

STATS for April 29, 2010:
Bevin weighs 173.7 lbs. (DOWN 1.6 lbs. from last week!)

My measurements:
Neck: 13.75" (DOWN 0.25" from last time)
Bust: 41.5" (DOWN 0.25" from last time)
Waist: 39.75" (UP 1.25" from last time)
Hips 41.25" (DOWN 0.5" from last time)

Weird, huh?  I lost weight, and lost fractions of inches everywhere but my waist, where I actually went up by quite a bit!  The only thing I can imagine is that maybe the measurement is off because I just finished supper?

Anyway, Bailey and I have been doing a paper route everyday, but it doesn't have as much walking as I thought it would.  Today I finally got off my butt and started doing Wii Fit again.  My body loves movement, but for some reason I resist it.  Maybe it's a throwback to elementary school gym class where I learned that my body sucks and I suck, too? 

Anyway, I hope this movement helps me feel better.  I live with a constant level of stiffness in my joints that I've come to accept as normal.  Doctors can't find anything wrong with me, and I felt like this when I was stick thin, too, so I think it's just how I am.  I have a relative who has the same symptoms, only worse.

Well, enough disjointed random blogging.  Time to get back to my baby.

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